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Portable Storage Units

Portable units are perfect for storing belongings during remodeling projects, relocating locally and more! 

                          Units are available in two sizes:

                              8x16                          8x20

                       $125 monthly              $175 monthly



  • Wind and Water Tight

  • Delivered to You

  • Can Be Stored With You or Us

  • Residential or Commercial

  • Can Be Moved While Full (5,000 pound content limit if relocating unit)


  • $125-$175 per Month’s Rent

  • $100 Every Time the Container Is Moved (Within a 30-Mile Radius of Our Offices)

  • Insurance

  • Monthly Automatic Credit Card Payments

  • Insurance Coverage of Container

1st Month’s Rent, Initial Delivery, and Final Pick-Up Due at Rental

Got a bigger project? We also have 8x20 shipping containers for rent! Same as above, except NOT moveable while full.

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